Learning HTML Part 2 : Selecting Text Editor


After learning about the notions of HTML, in Learning HTML Part 1: Introduction To HTML this time we will learn Learning HTML Part 2: Selecting Text Editor.

Learning HTML Select Text Editor

Choose an HTML editor application is not too difficult. Application of the HTML editor used to make it easier we make HTML code. HTML itself is basically just ordinary text written in special codes. The Web Browser will translate this HTML code into a web page display. Different text editor with Word Processor (Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Soft King). That’s because text editor can’t be used to set the format of the document and not provided features that can be used for desktop publishing.

The browser is the application which we will use to run the code HTML program that we have written. This browser is the requirement that you must meet if you are learning web programming. for the browser itself can be used that are already provided by the operating system or direct application might also be used other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome and so on.

Learning HTML Select Text Editor

Here’s some text editor that we recommend for use in writing the program code for those of you just learning programming languages.

  1. Sublime text Text editor that is most widely used by programmers, this editor has an elegant look that is typical with brown color.  This editor is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. For those of you who want to use the sublime can be downloaded the Sublimetext

    webspoint sublime
  2. Notepad ++ Text editor is specifically used for the windows and the free licenses (in terms of free use without charge). The length of these editor characteristics by itself, and a lot of features that can be installed in a text editor. for those of you who want to use the text editor notepad ++ Notepad download Notepad

    webspoint notepad
  3. Atom Text editor is almost the same as the sublime but this text is a bit heavier if compared to the sublime. This editor can be used on platforms Windows, Mac, and Linux. for those of you who want to use this text editor can be downloaded Atom

    webspoint atom
  4. Brackest Text editor has its own criteria and is almost the same with Atom. This editor can be used for Mac, Windows, and Linux. for you who want to wrest with the brackest Brackest ‘ can be downloaded Brackest

    webspoint brackets
  5. NetBeans Text editor is one of the favorites of programmers. but this text editor can be categorized more weight than other text editor mentioned above. the ease of this text editor is the display program code written more presentable. for you who want to enjoy this editor can be downloaded Netbeans

    webspoint netbeans

that’s some list text editor which could be a version of webspoint.net that can be used to write the HTML code. This in addition to the text editor can be used to write HTML code can also writing code for other programs such as PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and some code to desktop programs.

What about Adobe Dreamweaver?

The application Adobe Dreamweaver is the web application editor is the most popular. Dreamweaver provides rich features to simply create a web page with HTML code. Dreamweaver not only a text editor for HTML only but also for various other web programming languages.

Behind the advantages, in my opinion, Dreamweaver is not suitable for the learning process. These applications tend to be ‘ heavy ‘ and worth millions of dollars for legal version. Dreamweaver is more suitable if you have understood the program codes that exist behind them (and was able to buy the original version).

so in conclusion, before starting the writing program code that you need to fill first is a text editor and a browser to run the code of the program.

Next we will discuss the Learning HTML Part 3 : Recognize tags, Elements, and Attributes in HTML.



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